Just like you, we think merchandising it not only about shelf fulfillment. It’s a very powerful service that helps you gain the competitive advantage. Well-merchandised store makes it easier for the customers to find exactly what they are looking for and increase sales by making your important products more visually appealing. Professional merchandising services increase profits by generating more margin on dedicated products, controls expenses by improving work productivity on the sales floor and increases customer loyalty.

We are proud that in the last 15 years we have had the opportunity to work with producers, distributors and retailers alike, at a national level. This gives us the advantage of an integrated vision and useful know-how. Our team of specialists covers all retail channels and had worked with clients and retailers for decades, providing an unsurpassed service.

Having one of the most impressive own national team (over 1000 full time merchandisers), we see the expansion of retail like a big opportunity. We keep in mind that is not only about quantity, it’s more about quality. That’s why our unique ways of working keep us in the lead of best performing agencies (ISO 9001/2008 certified).

Final objectives: Increase visibility & SALES UPLIFT! This can be done by taking into consideration that execution is the only strategy consumers see! This is our job! And you can see some examples here.

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